Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cassandra Clare’s: The Mortal Instrument - Book Review

Hey there all, and now for another series of books that got us cheering over here in the SaVa Reviews team:
Cassandra Clare’s: The Mortal Instrument.
Now the funniest thing about this book series is that if it was up to me I would have never even looked at it, allowing the cover to make me look away, fearing it’s just another teenager’s romance spread across 3 books…

Boy was I wrong!
It all started when I realized I had nothing left to read at home (a rare and scary occasion).
Taking advantage that it was a Friday (a day off of work here in my country) I went to the nearest book store and found nothing…
For the record I am usually focused and already locked on what I want to buy when I go to book stores, but on this specific day I was “fishing” for something, and I didn’t know what.
As it came to be the frustration was probably visible on my face because the store’s clerk came over and asked me if everything is alright.
I will admit that her Red Hair and Green Eyes caused me to gap for a moment, and in that moment she said “If you want a good fantasy/Sci-fi book to read I can recommend on this series” and she picked up the three books you can see above in the picture:  “City of Bones”, “City of Ashes” and “City of Glass”.
I probably have the worse Poker Face ever because when she saw the look on my face as I looked at those books I could swear she wanted to smack me on the head!
After another moment of silence passed I decided maybe something good can come out of this situation and I agreed to buy these books. Worst case scenario I will waste the gift certificate I got from work, the books will decorate my shelf gathering some dust and maybe I will get a date out of it. (Yeah I know it’s the worst reason to buy a book, but hack, a bloke got to try).
Well… in the end I didn’t get a date… but I found that my skepticism regarding the books was not justified, and here is why I can honestly say that “The Mortal Instrument” is a really Good series of books and not what I first thought about it... “another Twilight wannabe…
The story centers on Clary Frey, who believes she is an ordinary girl until one night when she goes dancing in a nightclub to release some steam she sees an event that will change her life forever.
As she watches with disbelief in her heart she sees 2 boys and a girl fight and dispatch a Demon! And what’s worse is that she is the only one who sees it!
From that moment on Clary realizes that the world she believed she lived in is not what she believed it to be. (To be real… how would you feel if you saw real life Vampires, werewolves, demons and other monsters you thought only existed in myth?! And how would you feel if you found out that you yourself are a Nephalim Shadow Hunter...)
As the books continue we come to learn and meet other characters that will help shape Clary’s life both in the major storyline of the books where the fate of humanity is uncertain and in what’s supposed to be the more mundane aspect of a teenager life and the hardship that they presents.
Kudos are in order for Cassandra Clare’s writing Style that transfers the reader almost completely to the fantasy world but in the same time holds you firmly in our own world, raising the small doubt that is titillating our mind constantly “what if this could be real…
A lot more can be said about this series of books but anymore information would be considered a spoiler, as is our motto here, spoilers are not allowed when reviewing books (read previous post regarding “Jim Butcher’s: The Dresden Files” to see how serious we are regarding not writing spoilers!).
On the other end, if we did tell you everything you will lose the fun of reading the books!
And now all that I have left to do is to wish you all a happy reading, and like me, a hard time waiting till I get the fourth book ("City of Fallen Angels") into my grasp.
With Much Respect,



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