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Jim Butcher's: The Dresden Files - Book Review

So let’s start with one of my favorites – The Dresden Files novels series.
Who said it's easy been a real Wizard these days?

You would probably be surprised to hear but a lot of the really good items that reach my desk (after I run like crazy looking for them in the local or Internet shops) are in that position because I was first exposed to their TV or Big Screen adaptations.

That was also the case with this Amazing series of novels…

After seeing actor Paul Blackthorne, bringing the character of Harry (no… not the Potter one…) to life with his casual, strong and to the point acting I immediately ran to the closest book store and started to tear the shelves apart looking for Jim Butcher’s books.

"...Paul Blackthorne bringing the character of Harry to life..."

Sadly the novels were not yet known to the readers in my country at that time and the looks of anger and words like “What are you doing to the shelves!” and “We don’t have it, stop looking at me like that!” were usually my only rewards.

That’s when I decided no more and I ordered the first 6 books in the Internet – to my surprise I only had to wait about a month for them to reach their destination, which in those days was considered a good time.

And now to what we all came for, how are the books?
  • Blogger's note: Although the TV series was nice and all (until it was untimely canceled) I took with me the character as Paul Blackthorne brought it to life and that made my reading experience a lot nicer.
    So if any of you will decide to go and get the books after this review, I recommend seeing Paul’s acting as a nice anchor for an amazing character but again it’s not a must.

What would you think if you ever saw this post in the papers?
Dresden post
*Image taken from a Dresden Files graphic novel*

Well if it was me who would have seen it I know I would have thought 2 things:
  1. Someone needs to take his medications PRONTO!
  2. I would wonder if there might be anything real in that post…
And with those 2 thoughts almost all of Harry’s clients reach his home and private investigaion office in the basement of a building in the windy city.
Here are a few facts regarding our friendly ol' neighborhood wizard Harry Dresden:
  1. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, our hero's full name is combined from the names of 3 of the most mysterious stage magician the world as ever known: Harry Houdini, Sr. Harry Blackstone and David Copperfield.
  2. At the early stages of his life Harry lived with his Dad, Malcolm Dresden, a stage magician himself but nothing more than that in the arcane world.
  3. Harry is considered a magical "thug," lacking fine control of his power, but he is one of the strongest living wizards in terms of pure magical strength, as well as factors surrounding the timing of his birth.
  4. And what in my opinion makes Harry one of the most if not THE Wizard of my liking (he still has a hard fight at the top with Belgarath, Polgara, Fizban and Pug) is that through all the series he never forgets he is just a MAN, not a god, not an immortal, just a man.
What makes this entire series so enthralling and captivating is that Jim Butcher is one of the few writers that allow his readers to "see" and "feel" how his world and characters grow, make mistakes, fights for what they believe and evolve.
Although almost all of the books in the series can be read as individuals (again to all you readers I say it with caution, almost all of the books, not all of them) Jim puts so much into the continuity of the plot, that even if you read book 4 "Summer Knight" and you can "flow" with it, you will still have the nagging notion that you want to know the characters before all that transpired in the current book.
(book 4 was taken only as an example, no special meaning intended).

I will give you all a heads up, the first book on the series "Storm Front" was the only book that took me a little while to get my grip around… mind you it was not my first time reading a "modern fantasy" book, but the building of the characters and plot in that book was a bit slow in the beginning.

With that in mind you better get ready, because after page 50 I just couldn't leave the books until I finished all the titles I bought and I went and ordered the rest!

All titles currently available for the "Drasden Files" series

Praises to Jim Butcher in the media world are plenty and I will allow myself to let you in on some of his endeavors following the birth of Harry Dresden and the Dresden Files…
  • A TV series was created by the once sci-fi channel based on the world and characters of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files novels.
  • A Comics series is currently running, telling the tales of our friendly wizard.
  • A RPG box game based on the world and characters is also out there, and if I can allow myself to hope – maybe a Big screen adaptation will come as well!
"A RPG box game based on the world and characters is also out there..."

And never forget, the next book in the series is always somewhere around the corner, because with a character like Harry Dresden, there is no way a writer can stop writing! (Cheers to Jim Butcher yet again!)

* A small tip for Jim though, in the future if we the fans will get another chance to see our favorite wizard on TV, please try to go to HBO instead of the SyFy channel.

With Much Respect,



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