Tuesday, July 26, 2011

X-Men First Class - Movie Review

Ah... What can I say, I was ambushed… they dragged me into it!
I only wished to finish my review on LOTRO and then this came up…

Please welcome our third review (first movie review):

X-Men First Class

And now just so you know, in order to see this movie I had to struggle through 3 weeks of scheduling, verifying that everything is in place, that no one will call me on my mobile phone, or page me for some reason. In the end even with these preparations I had to cancel going to see this movie 4 times!  

I really didn’t know what to expect for watching the movie. To tell you the truth, the last couple of films (the 3rd in the X-men series and Wolverine Origins) kind of killed the franchise for me.
Being one of those who actually go and buy the comic books, the X-Men being one of my favorite comic book series, those two movies made me rethink my subscription… caused me to doubt the all concept of comic books adaptations… Heck! they even made me doubt the one and only Stan Lee!
(Creator of almost all the known “Marvel” characters such as Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Thor, The X-men  and so on).

And then, finally, after so much fuss, last night I finally got to see the movie... this REBOOT!

I was actually more interested in the Pizza I ordered (I won’t say which pizza place made it, but it had a triple cheese topping) than I was interested in the movie… well… at least for the first 5 minutes, and then I got hooked!

The best thing about this movie is that it guides us through the "coming to being" of two of the strongest and most intriguing characters in the X-Men series: Charles Xavier (A.K.A Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (A.K.A Magneto).

For those of us who read the comic books this aspect of the X-Men was a base for many different plots back in the days, and to actually see these plots come to the "Big Screen" was a sort of a “wet dream”.
Although the movie doesn't recreate the same “history-line” as the comic books it does a great job in highlighting the main events that shaped our two heroes.

Now hold on… I know what you mates who read the comic books are going to say:
This is not the original group of students!”
When the first class was formed Magneto was already a badass villain! “
Stop writing what we want to say!”

And to all of you mates I must say, “Shove it!”

Although the creators of the movie took some liberty with the plot and story, they have done so in an amazing and captivating manner. The characters are genuine and true to the comic books spirit, the acting is great as each of the actors, those of the main characters (James McAvoy  - Professor X, Michael Fassbender  - Magneto and Kevin Bacon – Sebastian Shaw) and those of the minor characters (Nicholas Hoult  - Hank McCoy/Beast, Rose Byrne – Moira MacTaggert, Jennifer Lawrence – Raven/Mystique and etc...)  plunged headfirst into the text and embraced it, making it their own.

When the movie ended with that amazing scene I was like all gooey inside before a realization came to me: “What?… did two hours just passed?… damn my wife is going to be pissed!” 

But it was worth it! 

Director Matthew Vaughn should receive a statue for saving the franchise with this movie and for making me want to see the sequel!

Darn, it’s hard to write a review about a movie I enjoyed so much without any spoilers. So this is where I will leave you mates because if I will continue to write I can promise you something will slip and then you will want to strangle me… or turn me to a human statue and then make me go “Kaboom!!”


*** Hugh Jackman + movie... I can’t say more… ***

With Much Respect,



Doron said...

Great review !
Loved the added humor, keep up the good work :)

Gabriel said...

If this is your first movie review I can't wait for the rest. to be more specific the future review of captain america.

Oldalf said...

really epic m8 but why is it called SaVa?

Meital said...

i was considering watching the movie so.i.waa.kind of worried about reading the review.. i'm glad yoy liked it and that you didnt spoil it for.me..
Im not an X Men fan but i thouht it might be a fun movie to.watch :)
this is.mysecond androidic reply - yohooo!

Meital said...

btw - please remove the verification word its annoying :)

Jimmy Jarred said...

The movie is simply fantastic. I love to watch it again and again. One of my favorite movie I have seen so far.
X-Men First Class Online

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