Thursday, October 27, 2011

Orcs Must Die! – Game Review

It was bad luck when the greatest (and last) arch-mage of Order slipped over a puddle of Kobold’s blood and broke his neck…
Bad luck for the world that is, for now it is up to his apprentice (a not very brilliant apprentice at that) to save the world…

The world is DOOMED!

Orcs Must Die!

I’m in love… well… ok… as much as anyone can be in love with a game that requires you to place great death traps for hordes of Orcs. A game which allows you to watch as your master plan for defending a room using deadly arrows traps, crazy trampolines (that throw Orcs into lava, acid, boiling water etc...), poisoned spikes and many more crazy and quite effective contraptions painfully unfolds.

As I said before… I am in love!

At first people might think (I know I did) that the title of this game is a little childish and that the game might only be targeting the younger audience, but after playing the game for more than 6 hours straight I can honestly say that this is not a children game at all.

Orcs Must Die! From the creative minds of “Robot Entertainment” is what anyone who loves third person shooters, tower defense and fantasy/RPG oriented games would call the best time consuming treat of this year.

"...the best time consuming treat of this year."

As the name suggests the purpose of this game is pretty straight forward. You recently (about 3 minutes ago) have been promoted to being the last wizard. Now you must protect a castle that holds the RIFTS – portals, which given access to, will allow the Orcs to invade your homeland.

Having to choose at the beginning of each level several items/skills for you to use, you must choose wisely the right combination of spells, melee & ranged weapons, allied units and the traps you will lay down.
Where at some points in the game you will receive the help of a protecting “Paladin” that will carry his HUGE sword around the rift in anticipation, most of the time you will be on your own, having to use your wits and the utilities and skills you chose, all while trying to keep yourself from laughing yourself to tears because of the voice acting of your character as it makes witty remarks while slaughtering the invaders.

Although so far this review might be showing this game as a light hearted fun that does not require too much of the player please be warned, once you start underestimating the enemy, the enemy will eat you alive! 

"...once you start underestimating the enemy, the enemy will eat you alive!"... Mommy...

The strategy of placing the right trap/unit/contraption in the right place might seem easy in the first few levels, but it will require you to really think through what you are doing and your plans for the future.

On each level you will face several waves of Orcs, after several waves you will get the option to rest from the action and upgrade and rethink your strategy.
Here you’ll be able to “sell” the traps/units/contraptions that you placed before and “buy” and place new ones in a new locations. This option is also available for you during the battle itself, but keep in mind this could be a bit challenging.

With a great combination of rooms you need to protect with different strategies and a really nice variation of mobs to kill this game can give you hours of pure fun, gore and disco victory dances.

Disco & Paladins, what a great combination!

Now that I have finished writing this review I can return to the game’s window, wield my trusty crossbow, place my deadly traps and scream with joy every time I’ll take aim, killing Orcs and hearing my character shout with joy “Cleaning Service To Aisle 3!

** For your enjoyment, “Robot Entertainment” created a unique interactive trailer in YouTube, showing the process of defending a room while the viewer is able to decide which skill/unit/trap/contraption the character will use.

I really recommend that you will go through the interactive trailer and get the feeling for this game yourselves; I can almost assure you that you will have a great time with the interactive trailer alone. **

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