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Person of Interest - TV Series Review

Ok, listen up people, what we are facing is not your ordinary TV series, it’s something else, and as such we are referring to it here in the SaVa Reviews Team as:

Person of Interest – The Abrams & Nolan Fest!

What can I say, everything I see that these two (Abrams & Nolan) are somehow connected to I automatically set a goal for myself to watch it.

Thankfully other than a onetime flop that Abrams was connected to (“Undercovers”) I was never disappointed and “Person of Interest” turned out to be one the best TV shows I have encountered in the last couple of years.

I’ve waited to see at least 2 episodes before writing this review because as an addicted “TV series follower” I have encountered more than once that the Pilot could be a good, a really good hook, only to be followed by a crappy script and lousy effects in the following episodes. 

Boy was I jumping in my seat when I saw the second episode, as I found it to be better than the pilot and making me want to write this review even more.

So here are the basics for this series (small spoilers I am afraid are inevitable):
The main motive behind this series is that there is a “super computer” that monitors everyone and predict acts of terror and violence. A problem starts when the computer program starts showing alerts regarding small and personal acts of violence that are not connected to acts of terror. 
As a solution to this situation a decision is taken and all the “irrelevant” alerts are deleted every day at midnight, never to bother the system again.

"a super computer that monitors everyone..."

*** More than this I cannot tell you because that is as much as I’m willing to “spoil” since it does not hurts the interest of the series ***

To deal with this problem (I am not telling you how and why, you will have to see for yourselves) two very unique people join forces, for while the government is all up to its ear lobes with terror activities these two takes it upon themselves to help the individuals that might need their assistance.

Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson – or as I still call him – BEN from Lost) - is a mysterious billionaire that developed the computer program. Realizing that the “irrelevant” alerts are no less important than the terror driven ones, Finch hires John Reese (Jim Caviezel) - a former CIA field officer who is presumed dead, to help stop the crimes from taking place.

What’s really interesting and unique in this series is that neither Finch nor Reese (nor the viewers!) knows if the person they are following will be the victim, the perpetrator, or a witness, nor can they predict when or where the crime will take place.

All that they are able to get from the “master computer” is a Social Security number by using a “back door” that finch built in the program.

The script and characterization of this series are superb. While we are used to from the past few years, seeing Emerson playing the character of the “villain” that only thinks of himself and trying to manipulate others to his will, he is more than comfortable walking in the shoes of a man of mystery that seeks to help those in need.

I must praise Jim Caviezel’s acting, as the manner that he has adapted to his character is so unique and different to the usual “hero” type we are used to see on TV these days. He is unafraid to use deadly force in order to protect those who need protecting, and he is not denied of cynicism and humor, which makes his character all the more complicated and “reachable” by the viewers.

Well, that’s it for now, waiting eagerly for the third episode, and to seeing the series taking us to a whole new frontier of stories, mystery and general fun.

*** Just so you know, this series is so promising that it caused CSI which is CBS’s flag trademark to lose its slot for the last 10 YEARS in favor of Abrams & Nolan’s series! ***

With Much Respect,



Dee Binkies said...

Excellent review, SaVa! I'm sure by now, you're as addicted to this show as I am! I can't WAIT for Thursday nights! :)

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