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Castle – TV Series Review

Not many are the TV Series that combine a good police drama with the right amount of action, comedy and the ability to laugh at the show’s star actor… but that is the case with “Castle” – and may the TV gods hear me and grant them many more seasons, because even now on season 4 we here at the SaVa review team can’t stop watching it!

" of ABC’s and Beacon Television’s main titles."

In some ways “Castle” might cause many of us to go back about 20 years to the hit series “Murder, She Wrote” with the ever charming Angela Lansbury as the mystery/crime investigator that loves solving crimes while traveling the country, but after watching a few episodes of “Castle” you can understand that this show is something else altogether.

“Castle” brings Nathan Fillion back to the fans, mostly known for his roles in “Firefly/Serenity” sci-fi series and movie, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and of course the musical web-series “Dr. Horrible sing-along blog”, as famous mystery writer Richard Castle.
As we meet Richard (Rick to his friends) on the first season he just killed his leading characters of his successful mystery novel series “Derek Storm” and he is now looking for some new inspiration for a new character.

At the same time, a series of murders in NY causes police detective Kate Beckett (the beautiful and talented Stana Katic) and her team (detectives Esposito and Ryan) to summon Richard for questioning due to the fact that the killer seems to be mimicking the murders Castle wrote about in his books. After all doubt regarding Castle is cleared Richard volunteers to help the detective to find the killer due to the fact that no one but he knows his books and all of their twists.

To everyone’s surprise Castle’s none traditional ways combined with the conservative approach of detective Beckett solves the case and Castle knows he just found his muse for his next heroine… Nikki Heat.

Seasons 1-3 amazing cast.

Hard on his decision Castle pulls his strings with the mayor and gets himself stationed as Beckett’s “partner” (a civilian consultant) to the detective discontentment.

And that’s how this great show started, creating a great mixture of comedy and police drama with Castle saying stuff that at first drive becket crazy but eventually she tends to admit that there is something to this rich and pompous writer perspective.

As the series evolved the audience (at least we here in the SaVa Reviews Team) was happy to find that the series will not only be centered on the 2 main characters.

Slowly but surely the show’s audience grew, new seasons got approved and the show became one of ABC’s and Beacon Television’s main titles. 

An important part of the show’s list of actors is Susan Sullivan as Richard’s mother, Martha Rodgers – a famous Broadway actress, abandoned by her latest husband, who also stole all her money, causing her to move in with Richard and his daughter Alexis (played by the young actress Molly Quinn).

Starting at mid-season one we slowly begins to get more intimate with the other 2 members of the team, detectives Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever) and the team’s Captain Roy Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) who have become so prominent on the show that they have their own fans (SaVa Reviews team included) and are 3 of the best things that happened to this show (writer’s own opinion).

One of the things that brings joy to whomever is watching this show is the unique meetings that Castle takes part of… well ok, you can just call it playing poker with his rich and famous writer friends (real life writers Stephen J. Cannell, James Patterson and more) while discussing the current case he is investigating, where I prefer to call it the meeting of “The Writers of The Round Table”.

“The Writers of The Round Table”

As the show continues we are exposed to the feelings that evolve between the characters, mainly by Castle and Beckett as we all would have expected, but to my amazement, we are already in season 4, and although most people would have guessed that the 2 main characters would have already “bonded”, the writers of this show will not give in to our obvious expectations, and they make this relationship evolve in a slow and elusive manner which makes the audience wait impatiently for the next small moment in which the characters show their feelings only to immediately retreat.

In season 4, a new addition joins the cast, taking over Ruben Santiago-Hudson’s role as the supervisor’s character in the police station, Captain Victoria Gates (AKA ‘Iron Gates’) played by the seasoned actress Penny Johnson Jerald, who’s character has some new reservations regarding Castle and his role in her department.

The cast of season 4.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of “Castle” – trying not to spoil any main theme of the seasons and allowing you to experience this amazing show which displays a great chemistry between its actors and an unrivaled script, which gets a 10/10 from us in its category.

** For the Nathan Fillion fans, keep an eye for the witty remarks and tributes to the different shows and movies Nathan took part of – and even some that were rumored that he will take a part of **

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