Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pearl Jam: 20 Years To The Album Ten - Music Review

It is almost hard to believe that Pearl Jam's album Ten is 20 years old. Yes, that's right, Twenty. Years. Old. Nonetheless it still sounds as fresh and as breathtaking as it was the first time I've heard it.

"Pearl Jam's album Ten is 20 years old"

This is a modern classic – an album that has contributed so much, not only to the explosion of the Seattle grunge scene but also to the overall 90's cultural atmosphere and the state of mind of millions of teenagers who felt that Ament, Gossard, Vedder, McCready and Krusen spoke their language. Their sound was raw, aggressive and wholeheartedly prepared to get up and break something. It was the anthem and the manifest of a generation.

Songs in the album such as Once, Jeremy, Alive and Even Flow have not lost their edge and still encompass the same amount of spunk and attitude. Every Pearl Jam fan could still feel as if these songs were written about their teenage years. This music is timeless for those who grew up admiring it - They could definitely experience a newfound joy in getting acquainted with the songs all over again.

"...millions of teenagers who felt that Ament, Gossard, Vedder, McCready and Krusen spoke their language."

Eddie Vedder is still one of rock's greatest leading men, a versatile and intelligent vocalist who can sound as angry and raw as he can sound soft. Although in recent years Vedder maintains a cool surfer attitude it still seems as though he also maintains the spirit that brought him to make Ten all those years ago.

In case you still don't own Ten in any format we urge you to get it and give it a go. It is a true must have for anyone who considers themselves rock fans. If you already own it, crank up the volume and give it another spin (or ten). You’ll fall in love all over again.

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