Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Voca People - A Musical Show Review

It was the week before… well… before the end of the year 2011 and our evil and tyrant leader decided to make do on his threat… he got the team tickets to the Voca People Musical Show!

All of us here have been edging to see the Voca People Musical Act since we first encountered them on “YouTube” and then on all the TV shows they were guests to.
So you can guess how excited we were when we found out that the “BIG GUY” got us tickets that brought us no less than to the middle of the 7th row!

When we got to the theatre I heard people whispering around me, “how can they keep an act of 100 minutes with only “doing” voices?”
“It’s going to be boring, they will probably run out of material after 10 minutes!”
“Why the hell did I buy a ticket to hear people making noises from their throats?”

Hearing those people got me to doubt my resolve about the show, but then the doors were opened and we all just streamed into the hall.

We sat quietly for 5 minutes, giving everyone the chance to get to their seats and then the show began… Those were the only silent minutes in the hall that night… and by god it was amazing.

" The Voca People believe that life is music and music is life".

According to the plot the Voca People are friendly aliens from the planet Voca, somewhere behind the sun...where all communication is made by music and vocal expressions.
The Voca People believe that life is music and music is life. They crashed on earth and requested our help to refuel their energy in order for them to be able to get back home.

During the show we get to know the members of the crew which are now our guests and friends:
Captain “Beat On”, Commander of the Vocalactica ship for 15 Beat years.
“Scratcher”, Head translator, Deputy Captain and little brother to Captain Beat On.
And the rest of the white dressed, yet very colorful crew – “Tubas”, “Alta”, “Mezzo”, “Bari-Tone”, “Tenoro” and “Soprana”.
Each of these friendly aliens is gifted with great vocal abilities, enabling them to generate so many variations and harmonies that we were unable to stop clapping our hands and laugh as they acted in their funny and nice demeanor.

What surprised us all was that we suddenly realized that there is a specific plot for the show, as the actors\singers\aliens navigated us through a certain path, allowing us to experience a wide variety of emotions and lots of excitement that we were totally unprepared for, which made the show even more wonderful.

"we suddenly realized that there is a specific plot for the show..."

At several points during the show the Voca people came down to the audience and interacted with it making the experience a lot more intimate and fun.
(One of the people they chose to interact with was the one who said earlier “Why the hell did I buy a ticket…”. For someone who said something like that, he couldn’t hold himself from laughing and clapping is hands like crazy! I guess he got his answer.

Suddenly the show was over, 100 minutes have passed and we just couldn’t believe that we won’t be able to hear and see our beloved aliens anymore…

People were actually saying that they want tickets to the next show… only later realizing what I knew before… you could almost never get tickets to this show in short notice, it was just too damn popular and for a good reason.

We all waved our hands as our new friends left the stage, happily flying back to their home (or more precisely to their dressing rooms – to get ready for the next show).

Stepping outside of the hall we could hear everyone saying what we ourselves thought:
“That was amazing!”
“Did you hear the voice that little one had on her!”
“Why did it have to end…?”
“Best damn way I had to spend money!”

Outside of the hall the audience had the opportunity to buy a double CD package of the show, although audio only, it’s more than worth it (I bought one, of course).

If anything else, this was the best way for me, and I know I’m speaking to the rest of the SaVa Reviews Team, to end the year, with the best Musical Show\Adventure there is!

"best Musical Show\Adventure there is!"

Cheers to the “Voca People” and a happy new year to everyone, may it be a good year to us all.

With Much Respect,



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