Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Florence + The Machine: "Ceremonials" - Music Review

Florence Welch emerged into our musical realm as a bold and uncompromising young pop artist whose first album "Lungs" was utterly beautiful and not surprisingly, critically acclaimed.  It included massive hits such as "Dog Days Are Over" and "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)", and it showed great promise of a bright future for Ms. Welch.

Florence + The Machine's second coming, "Ceremonials", is not an album that is to be taken lightly. It is a rich and intense creation by which Welch passes the second album test with flying colors. Actually, she makes it seem so easy.

Its arrangements are alluring and, at times absolutely breathtaking – Uplifting and inspirational songs such as "Shake It Out" live happily beside more dramatic ("What The Water Gave Me") and heartbreaking ("Never Let Me Go") songs. Welch's vocals are almost other-worldly. Since her debut, she has gained more confidence to be exactly her quirky self, and has definitely turned her howling dial up to its max, something that really allows her listeners to appreciate her amazing vocal range.

"It is an intelligent album that simply cannot be categorized..."

It is an intelligent album that simply cannot be categorized. The mixture of influences (pop, rock, gospel, cathedral, etc.) is absolutely genius and can appeal to any music lover, regardless of their genre of choice - This is Florence Music and we adore it. Although multi-layered and intricate, this album is surprisingly communicative, and has become an instant favorite for critics as for fans.  

"Ceremonials" is a complete and cohesive album that contains zero fillers – each song is there to make a strong statement. The chills came running down the spine from the first note that was played. It is a piece of music that makes you sit up in your chair and listen, whether or not you are fond of it. If for some reason blissful, cathartic tears will start choking your throat, just know that you were properly warned beforehand.

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